A survey….hopefully easier than the postal vote, but a little longer

To skip my rant and just fill in my survey, click here!

If you do fill it in, I need responses by the end of the day tomorrow, so quick turnaround! 🙂

People of faith in a secular democracy have a challenging mission: to proclaim a message of love and justice to a community that can be hostile to religious belief. Social media adds an extra level to the challenge, particularly in the midst of a very public and very divisive debate to change the legal definition of marriage in this country.

The Government has not helped this by allowing a non-binding 122 million dollar opinion poll.

I for one have no desire to incite a fight, even just one on social media about this particular debate. I have been so very disappointed with the vitriol and hate speech that has been so openly shared by both sides.

Instead, I put on my profile a beautiful image I purchased in a frame at the Handmade market last week.

This image/quote was done in my new favourite medium, handlettering.

The words? a quote from Vincent VanGogh: “What is done in love, is done well.”

Another Vincent, Bishop Vincent from Parramatta also inspired me with his words last week.

“I am committed to make the church the house for all peoples, a church where there is less an experience of exclusion but more an encounter of radical love, inclusiveness and solidarity.” As a community of disciples, we seek to accommodate, accompany and care for one another irrespective of sexual orientation, marital status and situation.”

I liked this letter, as it beautifully captures the difficulty and lack of understanding of this issue, and explains clearly what we are voting for, and what we are not voting for in this postal poll.

Hopefully this little survey that you can do below (if you are even the slightest bit interested) will not lead you to rage, lose sleep, or fall out with friends and family. It’s anonymous and it’s part of a wider conversation.

So….to nun or to not? To have it, or not to habit?

These are just some of the questions women and men ask.

In this context, the questions are being asked by a religious sister in an Apostolic congregation. She has been a nun for over 50 years. She loves it. She’s off to Rome to attempt to dialogue about why young people aren’t joining her order, and many others. She can’t answer those questions without people at the coalface who are making those decisions in our current culture.

That’s where you come in.

Do you dare?

Here’s the link! Go for gold! Be honest, it’s totally anonymous.


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