I am a little world-wandering minstrel, and even if the wandering is just between parishes in the North and South of Canberra (often on the same weekend) I love everything about singing and playing music, particularly in a worship context. I’ve released a few albums, some done on the cheap using a laptop, CD burner and colour photocopier. More recently, I’ve had them professionally done.

My latest album is I Joyfully Sing and can be found on Spotify, Reverbnation and iTunes.

My previous album Prayer of my Heart can be downloaded from iTunes at the following link.

Both of these projects are ones of faith.

It is my passion to write music for the Church, although much of it isn’t really for use in the liturgy, but rather for personal prayer.

I would love your feedback, and if you can give these a rating on iTunes, I will be eternally grateful.