So….I made some art

So… I made a CD … and wrote a book

Ah the creative life.

Sometimes it would be nice to relax on weekends: watch some trash on TV, read books, shop, spend time with friends, or clean the house.

Actually no, that’s a lie.

I don’t really want to clean the house, although, bizarrely enough, it has been one of the activities that has helped me procrastinate so that I wouldn’t sit down and create things.

Nonetheless, at the current moment, I have a moderately tidy house (emphasis on the moderate), AND I have written a book and made a CD.

The CD has been a long time coming, since about 2013. Four years is a long time. Hope it is worth the wait. Whether or not it’s technically brilliant or not, it was something I needed to do.

It sounds all very self-indulgent doesn’t it? An inner need to make art, whether it is total crap or not. But, there was a definite sense of not being “done” until I had let it out.

Anyway, whatever it is, I have come to the end of a journey… a musical and creative journey…. and I am releasing said art to the world.
The CD and the book actually go together.

The CD is called I Joyfully Sing and takes you on a musical journey of worship music, justice anthems, personal almost journal entries, and reflection songs.

The book is called: Sing it out: Finding your rhythm, Staying in tune, Creating your playlist and writing your song. It’s kind of autobiographical, tells a few stories, suggests a few life hacks and has a fair rant, hopefully not totally unfair, about the perils and triumphs of being a liturgical musician.

You don’t have to get both, but the book will make sense if you buy the album, and the album will make sense if you buy the book #forthewin

You see, I did this crazy thing where I wrote each chapter of the book based on a song from the album.

It was to make it flow.

It was also to make the book’s chapter order into an acrostic poem. #Genius #nowicanspellmnemonic

I would love for you to buy the art, and there are a number of ways to go about it.

For the CD visit bit.ly/ijoyfullysingmusic
For the Book, visit bit.ly/singitoutbook

The CD can be purchased on iTunes, or streamed on Spotify or Reverbnation. But please buy it if you are able. It will help feed and clothe my muse! (pictured below. Isn’t she magnificent? #unicornonesie #everyoneneedsone)

My muse and I.

Or, you can get a physical copy of the album sent to you, and you can pay when you like!

The book is available as an eBook on Amazon or as a physical book, also on Amazon. The links are all on my page.

And my page, in case you missed it is Ijoyfullysing.com.

xxxx Beth

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